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Transfer Station Notice - regarding commercial haulers and trash disposal

Friday, January 7, 2022




Re: Transfer Station 1/01/22

In 2021 the Town Board began making significant changes at the Transfer Station to try to contain the escalating costs associated with the removal of garbage and recyclables.  Many other communities have found it impossible to continue their Transfer Stations.  The Town of Owasco recently closed their transfer station completely.  We are trying to prevent that from happening in Skaneateles.  We want the Transfer Station to be available for our residents well into the future.

The Town of Skaneateles can no longer allow Commercial Haulers at our Transfer Station. Too much refuse was coming in from other towns and non-residents which made it impossible for us to monitor when haulers would bring in large loads. Garbage haulers are still allowed to serve customers in Skaneateles, they just can’t take their garbage to our Transfer Station, there are options for them to dispose of your refuse at other facilities. The following is a sampling of commercial haulers that are still picking up in Skaneateles and have communicated that they are taking on new customers:


Dependable Disposal – (315) 472-7455


Patrick Allen So Clean– (315) 277-1694


*Please note some Commercial Haulers have chosen to retire or downsize their business this is not within our control.


Residents still have full use of the Transfer Station and can take everything from garbage, recyclables, appliances, televisions, mattresses/box springs (with a ticket from town hall), brush and debris from their property and take advantage of a volunteer-run swap shop during the spring, summer and fall.


Please do your part to help us keep our Transfer Station open to all Skaneateles Town Residents and do not bring in refuse from other communities.  Thank You!

*Get your 2022 Transfer Station tag at Town Hall and don’t forget to bring your Car Registration and proof of residency.

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