Michael Maxwell, Assessor

Kim Benda, Clerk 

Dear Residents, 

Due to COVID-19 protocols we are trying our best to assist you in reviewing any changes to your assessment.

  • Call the Assessor's Office to schedule your appointment, meetings will be done by phone.
  • Please Click Here for a list of Grievance Night Procedures, the Board of Assessment Review will be meeting in person.
  • Grievance Day this year is May 25, 2021 at 24 Jordan Street, Skaneateles from 4 pm to 8pm all Grievance forms have to be filed by 8pm on May 25, 2021.
  • The assessor’s office will be staffed to answer questions by phone on the following dates:

Monday, May 17th                  9am – 1pm

Saturday, May 22nd                8am - 12pm

Monday, May 24th            4pm – 8pm

Tuesday, May 25th            9am – 1pm

  • Please provide form RP-524 and supporting documents (photos, comps, or recent sales) for review during your phone meeting.
  • You may call at other times and leave messages, or e-mail or fax over any information that you want us to review.

The County web site at ONGOV.NET will have all the updated assessments on it after May 1, 2021. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

Town of Skaneateles Assessor Michael Maxwell



*Please submit any address changes to Assessor

2018 Real Property Tax Exemption Report of Examination - New York State here


Fax 315-685-5449

Tentative Roll Date - May 1st is the date in which the assessor has completed the tax roll for that given year.  Review your assessment to ascertain if it is a FAIR MARKET VALUE of your property.  If you do not agree with the value placed on your property by the assessor, you may make an appointment to have an informal review of your assessment with the assessor prior to Grievance Day.  If you are dissatisfied with the results of your informal review, you may file a formal complaint on or before Grievance Day.  Form RP-524 (3/09) is available in the Assessor's Office and online at

As your assessor I am dedicated to maintaining a fair and equitable assessment roll each year. I welcome anyone who may have a question to call and make an appointment to meet with me so I may have the opportunity to meet you and also to hopefully answer your question. The main purpose of the assessor’s office is to provide a service to our customers, which are the taxpayers of the municipality. Maintaining a fair and equitable assessment roll is a very important part of this service.

This office also administers some of the property tax exemptions and their renewals. Many of these exemptions need to be applied for each year and must be filed in this office no later than March 1st. Forms are available here in the assessor’s office and online at

Exemption Forms:

  • Alternative Veterans - RP 458-A 2 page Application for Alternative Veterans Exemption from Real Property Service.
  • New STAR applicants (Basic and Enhanced) need to register with the New York State Tax Department to receive a STAR check.  Visit or call (518) 457-2036.
  • Income Verification Program - RP 425-IVP 1 page option for Enhanced STAR.
  • Senior Citizen Exemption / Renewal - RP 467 & RP 467-RNW Applications for Partial Tax Exemption of Senior Citizens, includes Enhanced STAR.  This is a local exemption different from the State's STAR program with income limitations.
  • Disabled Persons with limited income - RP 459-C 2 pages Application for Partial Tax Exemption of the Real Property of persons with disabilities and limited income.
  • Clergy Exemption - RP 460 Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of members of Clergy.
  • Agricultural Exemptions - RP 305 9 page Application for agricultural land exemption. RP483 2 page Application for agricultural and horticultural building and structures.
  • Commercial, Business or Industrial Exemptions - RP 485-B 2 page Application for Tax Exemption for Commercial, Business or Industrial Real Property. RP 412-A 2 page Application for Industrial Development Agencies.
  • Non-Profit Organization - Application for Real Property Tax Exemption for non-profit Organization. Check with Assessor’s office for correct form.
  • Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Workers - RP466g 2 page Application for Volunteer Firefighters/Volunteer Ambulance Workers Exemption (For Use in Onondaga County Only), cannot be used in conjunction with an income tax exemption. 
Key Dates
  • Taxable Status Date: March 1
  • Valuation Date: July 1
  • Tentative Roll: May 1
  • Grievance Day: 4th Tuesday in May
  • Last Revaluation: 2009
  • Number of Parcels: Village 1222
  • Town outside 3042
  • Equalization Rate - 91% (Uniform level of Assessment)
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