Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Draft - October 2016 

January 22, 2018 revisions to 2015 Comprehensive Plan - Redline version against the May 10, 2016 Draft

7.26.17 Draft Updated Zoning Ordinance


Comprehensive Plan (PDF)   (Current Adopted Plan)


The following document is a draft version of the revisions to the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted by the Town and Village of Skaneateles in 2015.  The Town board would like to thank the volunteers of the special board that devoted their time, effort, and energy to creating the original plan.  We would also like to thank the community members and organizations that contributed their time and offered valuable feedback.  A comprehensive plan is a very difficult document to create and we appreciate all those who were part of the process.  This is a draft.  Most of the changes recommended are either to clarify points that were unclear in the plan and/or to resolve the concerns of the litigants.  Despite all of the redlining, The basic purpose and concept remain relatively unchanged from the adopted 2015 plan.  The Town board welcomes your thoughts and comments.

Draft Revised and Updated Comprehensive Plan

Draft Comprehensive Plan  (Joel Russell 10.31.2016 version)

Draft Open Space Plan

Draft Open Space Plan v.10.19.2016                        Maps as part of the Open Space Plan

Reference Documents

Stategies for Sustainable Skaneateles, Notre Dame School of Architecture Graduate Urban Design Studio, 2010

Town of Skaneateles Zoning Law (Chapter 148 of the Town Code)

What Does it Mean to be Green?   Onondaga Citizens League, 2010

Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act, Article 6 of the Environmental Conservation Law. 2010

"Character Areas and the Rural to Village Transect"  paper prepared by the Joint Comprehensive Plan Special Board for the 2015 Comprehensive Plan

Skaneateles Open Space and Recreation Plan

SAVIT Report

Town of Skaneateles Climate Action Plan