Building & Codes Department

Building & Codes Department

Building & Codes Department as well as Planning & Zoning can only be contacted by phone or email under further notice

Our offices are on the second floor of the Town Hall. We are the first stop for all proposed construction within the Town of Skaneateles and are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Town Code, the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention Code, the International Building Codes. and arranging for required permits and inspections. We are also responsible for investigating all complaints regarding building, zoning and property maintenance violations and issuing notices of violation and court appearance tickets when necessary. Codes Officer Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm.  Office:315-685-0833. Cell: 315-329-4471. Fax 315-685-0839. This office does not accept anonymous complaints.


Robert G Herrmann Jr., Codes Enforcement Officer

Ben Garrett, Deputy Codes Enforcement Officer 

Building & Codes Department Resources

Know Your Contractor Web Site. The Office of the Attorney General provides New Yorkers the tools they need to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring a home improvement contractor. You can search to see which contractors have been subject to legal action, and which contractors have had substantiated consumer complaints filed against them. Visit

Truss Type Construction – 
Residential Structures with Truss Type Construction, Pre-Engineered Wood Construction, Steel, or Timber Construction. This  requires any person who uses truss type, pre-engineered wood. steel or timber construction in the construction of a new residential structure or an addition to or rehabilitation of an existing residential structure to give written notice of that fact to the local code enforcement official and to place a sign or symbol on the exterior of the structure to indicate to firefighters and first responders that truss type, pre-engineered wood,steel, or timber construction has been used in the structure.

Access the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code Online

EPA Stormwater Best Management Practice-Silt Fences

Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide

Dig Safely New York (Underground Facilities Protection)

National Fire Protection Association

Swimming Pool Code Requirements

The following third party inspection agencies are the ONLY approved Electrical Inspectors in the Town of Skaneateles:

All plumbing work must be performed by a master plumber licensed in Onondaga County and only after a plumbing permit has been issued by: Plumbing Control, Onondaga County (315) 435-6614

Stormwater Pollution Prevention
During any construction if you will be disturbing 1 or more acres, please visit the following websites for more information about the requirements of the Phase II Stormwater Permit Program and Regulated Construction Activities:

All new septic system designs and modifications to existing septic systems, including but not limited to substantial renovations, alterations and additions resulting in an increase in the number of bedrooms and encroachment on any component of the existing system must be approved by:

  • Onondaga County Department of Health, Division of Environmental Health Jeff Till, P.E., Director (315) 435-6600

Other Contacts:

  • Onondaga County Department of Transportation (315) 435-3176
  • Syracuse Onondaga County Planning Board (315) 435-2611
  • Onondaga County Soil & Water Conservation District (315) 677-3851
  • NYS Department of Transportation (315) 672-8151
  • City of Syracuse Water Department (315) 685-6486 Fax (315) 685-8160
  • NYSDEC Region 7 Office (315) 426-7504
  • US Army Corps of Engineers (716) 879-4104 Local field office (315) 255-8090