Swimming at Clift Park*

Clift Swim Area Open:

July 20th   1:00pm -6:30pm

July 21st   1:00pm-6:30pm

July 22nd    CLOSED

July 23rd   1:00pm -6:30pm

July 24th   1:00pm-6:30pm

July 25th  1:00pm-6:30pm

July 26th  1:00pm-6:30pm

July 27th  1:00pm-6:30pm

July 28th  1:00pm-6:30pm

 Check back daily for updated schedule 

 For notification on the swimming opening and closures, sign up for text alerts -  Key in - 855-685-2055 and  the “key word” is WATERFRONT.  You will receive a confirmation that you are signed up with the Town of Skaneateles


Please check daily for swimming times. As they will change 

Tentative Open Dates

Begins June 29, 2021 

Ends August 31, 2021

*Check weekly for updates to Swim Area Hours

(Weather Permitting)

Free for Residents (Proof of Residency Required)

Non Residents:   $5 per day   

Non Resident Season Pass: 

$25 Individual  $50 Family

*Hours are subject to change due to weather



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