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Monday, November 23, 2020

Many of you have probably noticed that we added a guard building at the entrance to the Transfer Station.  This is the start of changes that we will be making to the Transfer Station beginning in 2021.

While commonly known as “the dump” it is actually a Transfer Station. That means we are only able to operate with a permit issued by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation that requires us to adhere to their guidelines.  In other words, what is brought in is transferred out.  We contract to have these items removed and those fees have increased significantly this year.  On top of increased fees there has also been a collapse in the revenues we previously received for recyclables.  The only revenue we currently receive for recyclables is from baled corrugated cardboard, and metal.

Contract bids rapidly rose due to the global collapse of the recycling market and reduction in the number of places that still take garbage, causing a sharp increase in disposal.  Per ton costs to remove waste went from $40 per ton to $60 per ton.  Recyclables went from $0 per ton to $60 per ton. And for each recycling and garbage dumpster that is removed from the Transfer Station, the fee increased from $150 to $350 per haul.  In 2018 we paid $213,500 for these services, in 2020 we have paid $429,000 to date.

Skaneateles is the only town in Onondaga County that still accepts business trash, recyclables, and brush at its transfer station. Most towns do not operate a transfer station and instead contract with private haulers for only residential trash and recyclable pick up. Last month the Town of Owasco discontinued its privately operated residential transfer station due to unaffordable bid quotes. They referred their residents to private haulers.

Enforcement has to be increased in order to make sure only Town of Skaneateles residents and businesses are gaining access.  In addition, many of our current rules are not being followed. 

Beginning in 2021 we will be increasing fees and reducing some commercial use.  Trees brought in by businesses hired to do tree removal will no longer be allowed.  They have been notified and informed of options.  Residents can still bring in their small amounts.  Businesses contracted to do home improvements have been denied since 2013 from bringing in construction and demolition (C & D) and this will be strictly enforced.  Residents can bring in one small pickup load of C & D per day.


2021 Fees Listed Below:

 Residents:                                         Yearly fee from $20 to $40

 Lawn Maintenance:

   (brush & leaves only)                      $300 yearly permit and $10 per load


   (including restaurants)                     $100 yearly permit and $5 per bag of garbage

& recyclables

 Commercial Garbage Haulers:        Yearly Permit - $10 per customer and $25 per business customer.   Every business and residential customer will also have to obtain a yearly permit.

 The Town Board’s goal is to keep the Transfer Station open for the services you have come to expect and that is why these changes were made.  Along with the Town, everyone in our community will have to do their part to keep the transfer station open.  In the upcoming weeks we will be adding new signage and brochures to clearly describe the new rules & regulations.  

 2021 permits can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office after December 1, 2020.  For further information on obtaining your permit please call 315-685-3473 or email  Julie Stenger, Town Clerk at

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:


Janet Aaron, Town Supervisor at 315-685-6726 or

Allan Wellington, Highway Superintendent/Transfer Station Supervisor at 315-952-2656

Chris Legg, Town Councilor/Transfer Station Liaison 315-283-8124




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