NYS DEC Open Burn Ban March 16th - May 14th

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Open Burning Ban

A reminder that NYSDEC bans open burning from March 16 through May 14 every year. Since the ban implementation in 2009, wildfires have decreased by more than 40%.

Minor exceptions to the Statewide ban include:

  • outdoor cooking devices, when used to cook food;

  • small cooking or campfires using untreated wood or charcoal; and

  • small fires used to dispose of a flag or religious item or for a religious ceremony, where permitted.

. Celebratory fires, campfires, and cooking fires help make family and social events great. Please keep your fires legal and safe by never burning trash in them. Even when the burn ban is not in effect, it is illegal to burn household garbage and leaves.

For additional information please go to the NYSDEC’s  open burning webpage.

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