Although, your safety is our main concern, there are many other projects that need to be done.


In 2003, we accepted the task of turning the empty Pennysaver building on W.Genesee St. into a combined Highway and school bus garage. A large percentage of the work on this project was done by the highway crew. We totally gutted the inside and put back to what we needed. The crew did everything from studding walls to sheetrock. We also did all of the site work outside the building. Such as drainage, blacktop and rebuilding the retention basin that is on the site.

crow hill road

In 2004, this same crew set out to do repairs on a historic bridge on Crow Hill Rd in the hamlet of Mottville. We ended up dismantling this old stone bridge, down to the arches and rebuilding it. The job was so well accepted that the hamlet committee had a plaque mounted on the bridge dedicating the bridge to the highway crew that built it.

pole barn2

In 2006, the 50 x 100 pole barn was reconstructed at the site of the new highway garage. We also had a new salt storage barn erected. Which protects our road salt from be diluted by rain and snow melt. Which will cut down on salt run off.

cold storage building2

In 2005, we dismantled the cold storage building at the old highway garage on Fennell St. This will give us addition storage space and clear the way for new development on Fennell St.

As you can see the highway department has become a lot more than just street repair and snow plowing.